Website Development Companies

Website Development Companies

Website development companies in Chicago providing ERP solutions, API and company portfolio services. Black Urban Tech aims to be your web partner and cater to all your web related needs. We are here to provide you with the expertise of our competent team members. To make your business progress and excel in sales, contact us today!

Building websites for the internet or intranet is called Website Development. A wide range of web-related tasks comes under this umbrella of Website Development. These tasks include;

  • Building a single page document
  • Building complex internet applications
  • Content development
  • E-commerce development
  • Web-designing
  • Network security configuration

To keep up with the technological progress of all other industries, the advertising industry is also progressing. Businesses have started selling their products and advertising their services online. Customers also find it easier to buy a product online rather than driving to the outlet. It saves time as well as physical energy. This also makes it convenient for new startups, as opening up a website, costs much lesser than having to rent out a physical outlet to sell a product.

wordpress E-commerce development services
website ERP solution services

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is an integrated management system for real-time mediation of the business processes by different software and technologies.

It is usually referred to as a type of business management software, which can be used by an organization to collect, organize and store its day to day data. EPR systems track resources of the business such as raw materials and cash. The applications of the system can be adjusted to sharing specific data with certain departments of the organization. ERP is very useful for big organizations where a lot of tasks and transactions are happening in a single day and the data needs to communicate on the sport with many departments. ERP helps maintain the information flow in the organization.

  • API

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it is a communication system between a client and a client-based software server. It can be described as a form of contract in which if a client gives a command in a specific format the server is bound to respond. The response is a defined action that is assigned to each command that a client can give.

API also simplifies programming for the developer, by only displaying the function the developer needs and covering all the undergoing complex processes. For example, if a user wants to highlight specific words in all the emails in the data or highlight emails from a specific client, the user will just press the button. But in reality, a lot of coding and decoding is going on in the background that the API system isn’t displaying.

website Api solution services
website portfolio services

To have an informative website and let your visitors know about the progress you have made in your field, you need a brief yet informative company portfolio. We are here to create an outstanding portfolio for your company website to make sure that your target audience gets in-depth information about your previous projects.

Black Urban Tech is here to create your company portfolio and we are operating all over Lahore, and even providing online services for other cities. To get more information just give us a call, our polite and helpful customer care service will give all the information you need.Our headquarters lie in Chicago but we provide our services worldwide. We also provide Mobile App development all around the world.