Social Media Marketing or Social Media Optimization is the use of Social Media platforms for the promotion of one’s brand or business and connecting to a wider customer base. Black Urban Tech provide SMO Services in Chicago Illinois. Social media marketing also helps attract traffic for your website. The major social media platforms currently are;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • Yelp

In the past, social media was used for brand promotion by publishing the content of a business. Now businesses use social media platforms for more than just posting their content. Now social media platforms are used to research for complain of customers and look into details of matters like services, qualities and how the queries are being responded. Businesses determine their progress by examining social media reach and number comments, likes and shares they are getting. If a brand uses YouTube it watches over the number of views on the YouTube video to get to know the progress being made by the brand. The Digital Marketing Services of Black Urban Tech in Chicago and all over the world are amazing.

Social media marketing


There are mainly two strategies to use social media as a marketing tool for your business;

Passive Strategy

Social Media is a very useful tool for marketing research as it connects the organization directly to its clients with no hierarchical hurdles. Social Media Platforms are a great channel through which the clients can be heard as the customer perspective matters a lot. Customers share their reviews and have open discussions about a brand, its products, and its services which if examined carefully, can a business a lot of insight for improvements and modifications. This way, marketing research that is carried out by spending a lot of money, comes almost free to the company.

Active Strategy

Social media’s only use isn’t just marketing research, it also opens communication gateways for customers and managers. It helps brands target their product, their conversations and their advertising to a specific group of people. Advertisements on TV and newspapers are also client-specific but not as in-depth as Social media. Social Media Platforms allow brands to specify from the age to gender to even interests of the audience they want to pitch their product to. Targeted marketing and Niche marketing is tough and almost impossible to do with TV and Newspaper advertisements but social media platforms have made it a lot easier for brands to attempt this kind of marketing.


Being the Best Social Media Marketing Services and SMO Company in Chicago, Black Urban Tech has come up with five main pillars of a successful Social Media Marketing Campaign and their brief intros are as follows;


-As discussed above, Social Media Marketing involves 2 types of strategies. Before taking any big steps, the first step is to think about what you want to do and how do you want to do it. Whether you want to use social media for targeted advertising or do you want to establish it as a communication channel between your business and you customers. And last but not least, do u want to use as a marketing research tool. The best answer to these questions is all of the above. A good social media marketing campaign involves a blend of all three components and tools. And it makes up a good social media marketing campaign altogether.


The first key to having a successful social media marketing campaign is first having a constant online presence. Being active on social media and maintaining your presence is a crucial part of having a social media account of your business. If a business does not reply to queries on social media in time and posts from time to time, that social media channel loses its credibility and it becomes flop.


Publishing content on social media is as easy as posting on your personal wall. But your business posts should be planned ahead of time. Business posts should be given more thought than your instagram captions! Yes, we know how much time you spend thinking of those captions! To maximize your social media reach, the content you are publishing should be of good quality and the message you are trying to convey should be clear.


As the time passes, and your posts start attracting audience, discussion about your brand also increases. People buy your products and review them, other people read those reviews, people have discussions with each other about how the product was helpful and how it was ineffective. All these conversations might be on your page, in your posts’ comment boxes and they might be on a totally different portal. But you need to monitor every conversation happening about your brand on social media so that if it’s a complement you know what you’re doing right and it it’s a complain you know where to make improvement.


To know whether the type of content you are publishing is good or not, you may check the post reach, number of followers and shares on the posts. Social media platforms have a benefit of letting you know about the progress of your work on the spot. It doesn’t require a lot of wait like all other types of marketing and promotions.</>


Promoting your brand through social media is the best way of marketing. Promoting your upcoming events or a new products or a new offer by creating intriguing posts and videos to increase the suspense factor in the audience and then revealing your big discounts offer, all this creates a really special effect.

Black Urban Tech provides a promise of quality as well as effectiveness in all the services it provides as an SEO services provider. We stand behind the promise of excellence and our long queue of satisfied clients in providing SMO Services in Chicago Illinois, USA.