SEO stands from Search Engine Optimization (which is an ever increasing market of SEO services in Chicago) and it is the process of increasing the traffic of a website through different techniques. Every search engine has its prime search results like Google and Bing. When people search for something it has thousands of searches but people usually go through the first page results only. So the goal of most websites is to appear on the top most results through different techniques so they can have viewers. This way the traffic of the website is increased. It is beneficial because all viewers are potential buyers and even if one out of 20 viewers turns into a customer, it is a lot.

SEO is mainly modification of website and its content in a way that the website can appear in the top results without any paid promotions. The targets of SEO differ greatly and some websites of digital marketer might target video searches while other might benefit from targeting image search or news search.


There are many methods for optimizing a website according to search engine so that it may appear in the top results and the quantity and quality of the website traffic can be increased. Our SEO consultancy services in Chicago USA use following methods;


Most Search Engines use crawlers to find results for the search in algorithmic manners. These search engines don’t require the submission of all pages manually but Yahoo did so it closed recently.

Search engines like Google and Bing don’t require manual submissions and can index and find results by using crawlers. By using this phenomenon, XML sitemap feed can be created on Google Search Console and it can be made sure that all pages related to the research are found.

Search engine crawlers scan a lot of aspects before indentifying a result of use and displaying it, and digital marketer exploit these aspects in a way to trick crawlers and get the website published in top results.

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There are many ways to get prominent in search engine results. A digital marketer might provide their own content writer or guide yours to use specific keywords repeatedly in the website content

which will help relate the website’s content with mostly searched words. Cross-Linking is also another effective way to make the website more visibility. Cross linking of one page is done with another page of a much more prominent website which helps increase the reliability of the existing one. If one keeps on updating the website content regularly, the crawlers have to come back again and again to the website which increases the worth of the website in terms of novelty. If relative keywords are added into the Metadata of the website that also makes it appear among the top results due to reliability of content. Black Urban Tech has made many business websites of Illinois though our SEO services in Chicago il.

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There are two types of factors that search engines examine while indexing/ ranking a website.The first type is White Hat or good designing factor,

 which increases the visibility of the website as much as it is increased. The second one is Black Hat and it decreases the ranking of a website as much as it is increased. Search engines like Google and Bing try to minimize the effect of Black hat websites on the result and this causes spmadexing of websites containing such content. This also creates two types of digital marketers; the ones who employ white hat methods and the ones of employ black hat methods. White hats do the kind of work that sustains for a long time; on the other hand, black hats give a quick and temporary boost to website results and know that their website will get banned as soon as the search engine indentifies their methods.

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Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing are almost the same things as both struggle to make the website prominent and visible. Both are techniques to get more traffic on the website. The only difference is that SEO is solely based on search engine ranking while Digital market considers the whole online presence of an organization and tries to make it better in all aspects. Black Urban Tech provides all Search Engine Optimization services in Lahore as well as Chicago. We also provide complete digital marketing packages to make your business grow. Get in touch with our SEO services company in Chicago and get free quote now!

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