Black Urban Tech provides PPC Services in Chicago, Illinois, USA. PPC stands for pay per click and it is a technique of internet marketing and website promotion to generate more traffic. In other words, a website owner or company owner buys views on their website instead of earning them authentically.

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  PPC is most famous and used for search engine advertisements, it enable advertisers to have their website shown in the top 3 results through Google sponsor ads service. This way, when someone types in keywords in the search bar of Google, this sponsored website having relatable keywords will show up. And every click made through these ads will have to be paid. But this small investment or fee is almost nothing as compared to a sale made through these ads.

Each time the ad is clicked, the website is visited by someone through that sponsored link, and the company has to pay search engine a fixed amount. This is called pay per click. These amounts are almost minimal as compared to the sale potential. For instance, if you have to pay 1 dollar per click and the visitor of the website buys a product worth 100 dollar, it is a lot as compared to that click fees. It is a lot more profitable if taken as a small investment.



The most famous and most used PPC advertising system around the globe is Google Ads. This platform has made it possible for businesses around the world to reach a huge client base and to be visible on Google’s search engine and other portals. Google ads operate on PPC bases where website owners bid on Key words that are usually searched into Google’s search bar. This creates a pool of websites and Google chooses 2-3 winners per key word and display the links of these winners in the Google ads portal.

Black Urban Tech’s Pay Per Click Management Services will guide you the process that suits your needs the best and also provide you with all these tools in affordable rates.

But a pay per click campaign is hard to build and even harder to build in a successful way. It requires a lot of research and organization. Getting a person to click on your website’s link is the easy part, but making them stay on your website and driving them to buy your product through the layout and content of your website is hard. If your ads seem satisfactory to users, Google decreases your pay per click fee and this increases your profit margins.

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PPC Expert in Lahore Pakistan

Pay per click is commonly associated with search engines only and Black urban tech, the PPC Expert in Lahore Pakistan is here to tell you that this is not the only way to have a PPC campaign. In search engines, you have to bid upon key words. But there are many other websites and content blogs that charge you a fixed price per click and display your links in a way that they are prominent to the people visiting their website. There is no bidding system in this process which is a lot easier. These are usually in form of banner ads and they can be found on facebook, twitter and all the other websites which a good amount of traffic.

This kind of PPC systems works in a different way. Websites use cookies to know about the interests of the viewer and then display the ads accordingly to increase the chances of clicks on the ad. Black Urban tech is available as a Local PPC Services in Chicago.

But PPC has some drawbacks too. it can result in very adverse ways for the company that is advertising either through Google or some other website. A competitor might get your website opened through the sponsored link thousands of time so you will have to pay but none of those clicks will result in sales as they are fake. Although Google has come up with a lot f solution to tackle abusive clicks it’s still an issue that needs a lot of better solutions.

PPC Services in Pakistan – From Google Certified Professional

Black Urban Tech offers a great variety of packages to choose from for all your PPC advertising needs. PPC Services in USA – From Google Certified Professional provide you with the best marketing facilities in Chicago.  Our web marketing facilities are available all over the world. Black Urban Tech is the only Pay Per Click (PPC) Service Provider in USA with a team of professional web developers and digital marketers to cater to all your needs.