Graphic Designing Services

Graphic designing services in Chicago providing logo design, billboards, visiting cards and much more. Developing visual content for communicating the value or message of a brand is called Graphic Designing. Graphic designers used pictures and textual content to create an attractive layout for the websites or any other thing that requires designing. Graphic designing includes pictures, color schemes and any other layout aspect that needs to be perfected to optimize the user experience.

A graphic designer has very crucial responsibilities as he has to produce a piece that gives the first impression of the brand. First impressions are very important as most people develop a sense of trust from the very glance at the website or the business card of a brand.

A graphic designer must have an in-depth understanding of colors and their effects on human psychology because colors are the essence of any visual piece. Color coding like marking a notification green and an alert red is also very important in graphic designing.  A graphic designer needs to keep the following factors in his mind while designing content;

  • Symmetry
  • Flow
  • Color-Theme
  • The Golden Ratio (1:1.618 proportion)
  • The Rule of Thirds (how the viewer will perceive the layout)
  • Typography ( Font-style, Heading Size)
Graphic designing services
Graphic designing

All in all, the job of a graphic designer is to present the content in a complete balance between attractiveness and visibility. If a layout is too aesthetic but hard to perceive, it is of no value. Similarly, if the content is easy to read and the layout isn’t complex but there are no colors of fonts or pictures that make the content aesthetic, then nobody is going to get moved by it. So a good graphic designer always maintains a balance between beauty and readability and makes the viewer feel like he is finding everything he wants at the exact spot he wants it. This creates an illusion of convenience and the viewer quickly buys the product or service that the website offers.

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Graphic designing is present all around us, from our websites to our road signs. We see graphic designing in reference manuals, comic books, filmmaking, book covers, t-shirts, mugs, and even pillow covers. Graphic designing has become an integral part of branding, and no business operates these days without branding. Branding includes packaging, logos, and advertising.

Even in scientific journals and textbooks, graphic designing works as back support of all the facts and figures, all the theories. This is to prove the point with research as well as with attractive and well-thought color-coding processes. Graphic designing plays a major role in magazines, blogging, and television too.


Here at Black Urban Tech graphic designing services are provided in Chicago. We have a team of knowledgeable and proficient Graphic designers who provide you with whatever you and don’t mind revising and updating along the process. We offer the following Graphic Designing Services;

Logo Design

A logo is the face of any brand and needs to be designed in a way that it captures the real essence of the brand. It is the central factor for the identification of any brand. This logo has to go on every products, stationary, visiting card and literally anything related to the brand promotion and operation. This logo is used on billboards, in ads, on stamps of the organization and on letter heads too. So, the importance of a logo is quite obvious. And we provide this service in Lahore as well as all this other cities.
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Visiting/Business Card

For any business deal or even normal human interaction, the first and foremost thing to be taken care of is, introduction. A visiting card or a business card is referred to as an introduction in the corporate world. A well detailed and attractive business card can open up a lot of doors for an organization. Get your business card designed by us now!

Letterhead Design

A letterhead is a sheet of paper containing the logo, name, address and other contact information of the company on the top and the color scheme is according to the logo of the company.

Employee Card

It is very important for an organization to maintain security of the building. Employee cards help an organization keep the work environment safe. If entrance in the company premises requires ID, a lot of security breach issues are resolved. Get your employee cards designed from us and get discounts of bulk orders.

Brochure Design

Brochures are meant to provide an overview of a company’s services and brochures are used to keep people informed about an upcoming event.

Standee Design

The large self standing displays you see outside cinema halls or general stores advertising something are called standees. And they are very useful for highlight a major sale, or an event or an offer.

Stationary Design

Stationary of a brand usually includes all office supplies, letterheads, paper, and card cases. The main goal of having customized stationary is to do branding organization wide. And many organizations understand the importance of branding and its effect on the overall environment of the company and employee professionalism.

Billboard Design

Graphic Designers at Black Urban Tech are adept in designing billboards and we provide special discounts for Lahore customers in Billboard Designing.

Video Ads

Video advertising has been around for a couple of decades and it has been observed to leave a long-lasting impression on the viewers. Numerous brands have conveyed their product value through video ads successfully over the years. Publishing such video ads has become even easier as you don’t even need to pay a channel or a cable operator to display your ad you can simply post it online and get audience.
So book us for all your graphic designing services Pakistan and boost your sales now!