E-commerce Development Services

Best E-commerce development services in Chicago including PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter and WordPress. All transactions that can be categorized as commercial and are conducted through an online portal are referred to as E-Commerce. So whenever someone buys or sells a product online, he’s involved in E-Commerce. Electronic commerce is based on high-end technologies like internet marketing, EDI, supply chain management, e- funds transfer and inventory management processes. In other words, E-Commerce is driven by technological advances in the modern electronics industry.

Almost all E-Commerce systems use the World Wide Web for at least one step of the whole transaction process. E-Commerce majorly includes the purchase of online books and e-books and music as in iTunes. The major support for the E-Commerce industry is all the electronic businesses around the world. It is prevalent in mainly 3 areas of the global market;

  • Electronic Markets
  • Online Retailing
  • Online Auctions
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Forms of E-Commerce

There are mainly two classes of E-Commerce, they are based on the type of goods and the model of the business.

E-Commerce may include;

  • Online retail shopping through websites and applications.
  • Third party B2C and C2C sales through online market places.
  • Purchasing and selling in a B2B model.
  • Collecting data through social media.

Big organizations communicate their financial transactions and circumstances through the internet. This raises a lot of security issues for E-Commerce and data integrity policies. E-Commerce enables the buyer and the seller to connect through a click or a call even when they are geographically too far away to be in each other’s reach. It also allows people to buy whatever they want whenever they want it. Normal outlets cannot operate 24/7 but an online portal is always open for visitors and buyers. And due to E-commerce, a new industry in the market has been established as Delivery service providers. This means more job opportunities and a better economy for any country.

To make your life easier and promote your sales to a whole another level, contact Black Urban Tech’s team now to set up your website and the transaction system that suits your business best. We provide E-Commerce Service in Pakistan and we try to provide best e-commerce solution in Lahore. We provide services in Chicago too as well as the rest of the world.

PHP-Core commerce services
  • PHP-Core

PHP used to stand for Personal Home Page but now it means Hypertext Preprocessor which is basically a programming language developed for web-development. This code can be used in combination with a lot of different web frameworks and management systems. PHP is not just used for web-developing, it can be used for other purposes too. PHP is surprisingly used for robotically controlling drones too. PHP language was altered and updated everywhere it needed to be without any proper rule or permissions until 2014. After the said year, the proper specifications were formed and PHP evolved according to those specifications.

A language needs a framework to operate upon so we have a few;


Laravel is a free web framework generated for the web development purposes, by following MVC patterns. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Laravel’s main specifications include different accessing ways, dedicated dependency manager and syntactic sugar orientation.

Laravel e-commerce
Codeigniter services

Code-Igniter is another web development framework which is almost similar to Laravel and just lacks few features that Laravel has.  It is also based on MVC. The most necessary part of a Code-Igniter based system is the controller classes. It can also be modified to operate upon HMVC and it is mostly famous for its speed.


WordPress.org can be described as a factory or production unit that produces websites as a product. It is a content management system which has made website developing very easy. It is based upon PHP and My SQL. The template system of WordPress has really revolutionized the way the world sees website developing and designing.

WordPress.org is mostly famous for a blogging website developer system and blogging is becoming a profitable industry in the global market.

All of these frameworks are reliable, trustworthy and convenient that’s why they are being used all around the world. And now Black urban Tech is providing all these e-commerce development services in Lahore at very reasonable rates.


wordpress E-commerce development services
Mobile-app e-commerce services

A mobile application is an application software developed to run on a mobile phone or tablet. Apps and computer software differ in the sense that mobile apps are very compact and serve limited functions. Mobile apps are one of the mainstream ways to get promote your brand and its product and services. As a whole app dedicated to your band is a good way to reinforce your client base. E-Commerce apps have taken to the global market by storm today as they gain quick user-base and boost the brand.

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