Digital marketing services

Digital Marketing services in Chicago providing SEO, Content marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing services. The marketing of products and services using any digital medium is called Digital Marketing. The digital mediums include internet, mobile phones, videos, social media, mp3 audios, and e-books. Digital marketing is a system of channels based on the internet that transmits the product or service value from the producer/seller to the consumer-end of the market.

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Digital marketing has revolutionized the marketing industry for huge business corporations as well as small to medium-sized enterprises. Digital marketing was initiated in the 1990s and by the arrival of the 2000s it hyped a lot and it has been going upwards since then. And now digital marketing has become an inseparable part of the marketing strategies for any business. With the tremendous increase in the use of digital devices such as mobile phones and laptops, the direction of marketing has also shifted towards the digital side to reach as much client base as possible.[/expander_maker]

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Also, people find it easier to shop online than to go to a physical outlet, drive or walk to the outlet and then buy the product. All these benefits and acceptance of the digital era has made it possible for digital marketing to become so common and effective.

The digital market has a lot of aspects that can be used by all sorts of organizations according to their requirements. Digital marketing doesn’t only make the marketing easier and vaster for the brand but also makes it easier for a consumer to shop 24/7 and also have access to a 24/7 customer care service.

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Marketing through social media allows brands to get negative and positive feedback right at the spot and organizing such feedback data into a meaningful form is very easy. Managerial tasks of drawing conclusions from feedback, so that they can improve on the needed areas, gets very easy through digital marketing.

Digital marketing has also made it easier for brands to connect with their consumers directly without any middle man in terms of sales as well as in terms of feedback. As the customer buys the stuff, he/she posts the feedback of the product or service instantly on the designated portal and even the top level of the managerial hierarchy of a brand can go through that feedback and see what’s in their brand that people appreciate and where does their brand lack.[/expander_maker]

Digital Marketing services
Socail Media digital Marketing services

The most important kind of advertising is word of mouth marketing. It is proven to be the most effective type of advertising. It is effective because one hears about the good quality of a brand through someone one knows personally, making it influential. All other sorts of marketing are done through ads, celebrities, public figures, and promotions. But word of mouth remains on the top and will remain on the top even after years of progress and technological revolution in the marketing field. In this digital era, the word of mouth marketing takes place mostly on social media. A brand posts about their product and people comment about the quality of the product, the conduct of customer care, etc. and other people read it. Most people trust a brand through the experience of other people who have used the brand.

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Another aspect of social media marketing is people sharing the pictures of food they enjoyed at a restaurant or the dress they got at a very reasonable rate. Women post about the nails they got done from a nail salon and men post about sturdy tools they got at a store whose owner was very polite. This way other people are motivated to try that brand of dress or get their nails done from that salon or go to that store of the polite owner etc. This is the power of digital marketing through social media.

This is why Black Urban Tech doesn’t just encourage but also urges all business owners of Lahore, big or small, to not underestimate the power of Social Media Marketing. We help you bloom your sales and your reputation in the market. Social media marketing can make your business excel and if you don’t have the knowledge or right skill-set to manage it, we do. We are here to fulfil all your social media marketing needs.[/expander_maker]

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of making the quality and quantity of the traffic of a website better. This is done by pushing the webpage to the top result of Google which makes the visibility of the result being increased. This optimization may include updating or editing the content of the website to make it more pleasing to the audience. It basically means to increases the relative factor attached to the content of the website and in a few cases, the whole content might need to be re-written. Specific keywords are introduced in the website’s content to make it more relevant to the searches people do on Google. Black Urban Tech helps you in your content modification and website rewriting. Our competent and skilled team members assist you in making a package exactly according to your needs so that your website traffic can be increased. So just contact us now in Lahore, and get your website’s traffic increased.

SEO digital marketing services
Content-Writing Marketing services

Content marketing is the art of designing content, posts, videos, images, and ads for a specific target customer base present online. Almost all sorts of businesses have a target audience, like the target audience for a diaper ad will be parents, mothers specifically. And the target audience for an ad regarding student loans will be high-school graduates mainly in their teens who are about to go to college. So, content marketing is about designing your ad campaign in the form of videos and posts and publishing them for your specific target marketing. Here at Black Urban Tech, we have experienced personnel to;

  • Identify your target audience
  • Anticipate an existing customer need
  • Design your content to address that need
  • Present your products or service as a solution
  • Direct the content towards the target audience only

Sending commercial messages or emails to your target audience is called Email Marketing. Such emails usually contain advertisements and every email, sent to an existing or potential customer, comes under Email Marketing. Email Marketing promotes brand awareness and results in the trust-building of the customer.

In our Email Marketing services, we provide a complete format of mailing current clients and acquiring new clients. We use Email Marketing to improve your relationship with existing clients and acquire new clients too.

Affiliete-Market services

A marketing model containing the following 4 participants is known as Affiliate Marketing;

  1. The Brand/ Retailer

The actual seller of the product or the service provider.

  1. The Affiliate

An affiliate is a person or another brand which connects with the retailer to provide them with customers and get their pay in the form of a commission.

  1. The Network

A system which incorporates the affiliates and manage their pays.

  1. The Customer

The clients that the affiliate brings to the brand or retailer.

Black Urban Tech provides affiliate marketing services all over Lahore to all small and big level businesses.

  • PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it’s a model of marketing in which the advertising retailers buy the traffic on their website. The advertisers pay for each click and it’s an easy way to generate traffic on one’s website. The click fees are a very small fraction of the actual worth of a website visit. For example, if a company is paying $2 a click and a visit results in the sale of a $350 products, the click fee is almost nothing for the company.

A successful PPC campaign requires a lot of expertise and Black Urban Tech is here to provide you with that. Our skilled team has been successful in creating PPC campaigns for a lot of clients and we are in Lahore now to cater to all your PPC needs.

Pay-Per-Click services