Frequently Asked Questions

1What can a Website do for me?
There is no brief answer to this question as a website can mean so many different things for different organizations. A website is a gateway to millions of customers which is mostly impossible in any other way. A website is like the most recently updated version of your business all the time. Customers busy something, rates it, reviews it, other viewers see it, they buy the product. Also, a website is the least expensive way of marketing and advertising. When you are doing business on a website you don’t have to draw demography of target customers by area or geographical convenience. Everyone having internet access is your target audience.
2How much does a website cost?
Every client and his needs are different from the other and this way the price also varies. The best way is to contact us and get a free quote.
3Do you help clients with updating their existing websites that some other company built?
Yes! Just get in touch with us and our support staff will guide you through the process.
4Can you write content for my website?
Yes! Content writing is one of our major offered services and we have in-house content writers who will work with you to write attention-grabbing content for your website.
5What countries does BU-Tech provide services in?
It is very common for web developers and web designers to provide their services all over the world as it can all be delivered without a face to face interaction. So, Black Urban Tech provides services all over the world.
6Where does BU-Tech have offices?
The Headquarters of Black Urban Tech lie in ChicagoWe are based in Lahore, Pakistan and our office is located on Peco Road. Feel free to visit us after contacting our support staff.
7How long have you been in business?
Black Urban Tech is a newly formed Web service and the perk of being the client of a new organization is that you always get the VIP treatment.
8Why should I hire a professional web design company to design my website?
If a website is a new channel to reach a client base it needs to be perfect. It needs to check all the boxes so there is no effort left from your side to impress viewers and generate traffic. This is why you need to hire a professional Web Developer and Web designer. It’s just like opening up a new office and calling a plumber when you have a pipeline issue because he is the professional and he knows what to do. You couldn’t do it right even if you try your best. And you cannot carry on your business activities until you call a professional and get the work done.
9Will BU-Tech maintain my website for me?
Yes! We provide website maintenance services and our yearly packages are also very affordable.