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Once a vision is formed, you need someone who can bring that idea to life. We at Black Urban Tech, aim to be your expert technology partner so you can excel your revenue. Our goal is to make your lives easier with all the cutting-edge technologies we own. Our competent team members can’t wait to get in touch with you & guide you through your new web journey to success.

What we can do for you?


Expand your business by incorporating various web tools and techniques.


Reach a bigger client base through creating an app for Android as well as iOS.


Make your website more eye-catching by getting it designed by professionals.

Digital Marketing

Boost your sales by creating and publishing advertisements for a specific target audience.


Trade through the medium of internet for your as well as your client’s convenience.


Increase your search engine ranking through relevant content in your blog and websites.


Manage your system in a more effective and secure way.


Get your company domains and customizable storage options within your budget.


Why customers loves us?

Our timely delivery and attention to detail has always been the best of our traits. The perks of a new organization is that you as a client get VIP treatment. And that’s what we are here for. Our headquarters lie in Chicago and we operate in Lahore too but our services aren’t limited to any region or country.

Web Development

With the technological progress in all other industries, advertising industry has also been evolving for a long time. Now people have turned to the internet for buying as well as selling. The trend of websites, social media and email advertising is in full swing. In this time, not having a website is almost equal to creating huge losses for your business on purpose. If one wishes to see his business groom and grow, having a website is a must. But just having a website isn’t enough; you have to make it appealing. Like you cannot set up your shop at a place with no organization or décor and expect people to come and perceive our business as a legit source of the product and buy your product. The same way just having an online portal and throwing on unorganized information here and there will not make people buy your products. Black Urban Tech is one of the best Website Development Companies in USA.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are the most legitimate way to reach a wide range of customer base. Having a mobile application for you business can do wonders to your sales. There are many types of mobile applications and mobile app developers. Android and iOS app are most common in E-commerce business but having to get 2 types of apps developed can be a costly process. That’s why we provide the facility of Hybrid Apps which are a rising trend in market these days. These are cross-platform apps made through React-Native and they can be applied on both iOS and Android systems. Mobile apps design and development in USA is very easily accessible now through BU-Tech. we deal in Hybrid App Development, App development with Ionic, and app development with react natives.

Graphic Designing

Branding is the ultimate goal of every business and without branding one cannot reach the heights of glory. From packaging to logos, from advertisements to company stationary, branding keeps the whole workforce bonded together and provides a sense of identification and loyalty. Graphic designing services in USA have become a trend to follow. We at Black Urban tech provide all types of logo designing, visiting cards, business cards, and billboards from a team of adept and experienced Graphic Designers. For availing Graphic Designing Services in Chicago contact us!

Digital Marketing

Companies use different tools of Digital Marketing according to their needs. Digital marketing has made buying a selling or products and services a lot easier for both ends of the marketing rope. A normal outlet cannot be made to stay open 24/7 without obviously increasing operating expenses of the business. But a digital marketplace is open and available 24/7 without any extra charges. Digital marketing services also makes research and surveys easier for upper management as reviews and compliments all are collected easily online and then converted into meaningful data. As we are providers of Digital Marketing in USA, we have a team of well-experienced web developers adept in SEO and content marketing fields. We also provide Affiliate marketing services and Email marketing. Black urban Tech is one of the rising names in the list of top digital marketing companies in Chicago. SEO services in Chicago and Email Marketing inUSA are also available among our services.


E-commerce is the online transaction taking place when something is bought or sold on the internet. E-commerce is revolutionizing every industry in every way and making things a lot more easier to operate for organization. We provide E-commerce apps and web portal in PHP-Core language with frameworks of both Laravel and Codeigniter. The transactions systems of E-commerce are tailored exactly according to the needs of our clients. So to promote your sales and reach a new rage of potential customers, get your E-commerce app launched now or your online transaction system set up now by Black Urban tech operating in Chicago and providing services worldwide. We provide the best E-commerce solution in Chicago. To get benefitted form our E-commerce service in USA, contact us now!

Content Writing

Having appealing and relatable content on your website and social media pages is as important as important as having a web developers or a website. It is important to make a visitor stay on your website for long enough that he develops trust in your brand a buys a product. It is made possible by publishing content that actually tells a story about you, your company and the products or services you are offering. Our content writing services include blogs, websites, product reviews, product descriptions, service reviews, captions and tweets. We have a team of SEO friendly content writers and Home-based content writers that provide content writing services in USA.

Domain & Hosting

Web hosting is dealing with all the data and connection required and produced between the website of an organizations and its server. It is important to have space on the server so the data produced by the company website can be stored on it. Web hosting companies provide disk space and transfer sizes required as per the need of each business. Along with these services, Black urban tech also provide domain registration in USA names and other emails hosting names for your business in outlook. To book cheap web hosting services in USA, contact us! We operate in Chicago and our services are provided all over the world.

IT- Support

IT support is very important for all businesses whether big or small as it is required for the managing of all the data company has been producing on daily basis. Keeping all the data of the company safe is also a very important issue and only and IT specialist knows how to do it properly. One cannot afford a security breach of sensitive data like client credit card information or in case of a hospital, patient histories. IT support companies provide the security systems, install them in the network of organization and then provide maintenance services as well as updates whenever required. Black urban Tech is one of the best IT support companies in USA and you can experience our great services by getting in touch with us! Our IT Support specialists in Chicago understand your issues and provide guidance accordingly. You can get IT support in Chicago.

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